As a principally B2B company, Deals partners range widely as far as sectors, channels and geography are concerned. Coming from a well-rounded portfolio, Deals’ quality products can reach the end consumer through every channel. Deals cooperates with both retailers and wholesalers, supplying them and keeping them stocked with premium products and equipment that add value to their business.


Carefully handpicking products of high quality to offer an extensive portfolio is the foundation of our business, yet not its sole mission. Ensuring that all products reach the end consumer in excellent condition, no matter if they are to be consumed on our partners’ premises or at home, is equally important for Deals. Our partners can therefore count on our country-wide network, which covers all distribution channels, to have their orders delivered efficiently and intact. All products are stored in our own warehouses and get delivered by our own means of distribution, when it comes to shipping to the wide area of Athens, or by selected partners of the logistics sector, when shipping to the rest of Greece.


Deals serves an extensive network of wholesalers throughout Greece. From the large metropolitan cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, and high-profile destinations, such as Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, to the most secluded areas of the country, our partners’ needs can be met efficiently.


Deals has also partnered with retailers from both the domestic and international markets. Our network consists of large retail chains and supermarkets that carry a large assortment of products, as well as of specialty stores, independent delis and liquor stores that cater to the connoisseurs.


Our products also reach the customer audience through more than 2,600 direct points of sale and more than 5,000 indirect points of sale, spread throughout domestic and international territory. Our key accounts include leading global and domestic hotel chains, Michelin-starred restaurants, exclusive bars, pastry shops, catering services, foodservice chains.